Kahil El’Zabar’s message

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble’s 50th Anniversary


I ask the divine creator of the infinite universe to open me to a higher consciousness of sound and spirit.

I have strived to live my life as a servant of rituals that inspire the greater good of humanity. Looking back on the 50 years of the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, I am most thankful to all who have played a part in its development and longevity. Musically I maintained to look forward in terms of the creation and arrangements for our “Open Me” project.

The true goal of this 50th anniversary project is to keep looking forward in terms of concept, music, arrangements and performance. Corey Wilkes, Alex Harding and our special guests, James Sanders and Ishmael Ali, are exemplary players, as well as extraordinary improvisers!

It is a new EHE sound with strings that combines the history of our music with a contemporary approach to arrangements, performance and ensembles, that speaks to the now and beyond.

I have heard things differently and played them differently than the norm for a long time and have endured with my vision and mission against all odds. I am very thankful for the support and opportunities provided to me through Spiritmuse Records! They are a wonderful company and fun people to work with. I also want to thank Nep Sidhu, Fran X, and Christopher Andrew for their profound contributions and creativity.

I pray listeners find meaning and hopefully inspiration in this music! We are here to serve! Wishing all the highest blessings as we continue our collective journey to the light!

Open Me, to the Higher Consciousness of Sound and Spirit!

– Kahil El’Zabar



Photo by Christopher Andrew, Stoptime Live

Open Me, A Higher Consciousness of Sound & Spirit

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Open Me, A Higher Consciousness of Sound & Spirit


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Celebrating 50 years of Kahil El’Zabar’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble’s legacy and unwavering contribution to Great Black Music. ‘Open Me, A Higher Consciousness of Sound and Spirit’ is a new Ethnic Heritage Ensemble sound, constantly shifting gears and tempos in a jazz-blues continuum, in perpetual spontaneity, combining their meaningful music history with an innovative approach to arrangements, performance and improvisation.

This is Ancient / Future Music for the Now and Beyond.